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The Steph and Shacklegrind I CDs are also available via CD Baby and will soon be up on the iTunes music store as well.

Just released and shipping:
“Shacklegrind I”

This CD is guaranteed to spin driving, grinding, pulsating aural love your way in the form of six tracks:

chances are
on the edge
the director

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Get the prequel to “SG1:” Steph’s “the demo series”

Steph-made sounds and textures blended with beat-grooving vox and swells, accented ever so sweetly with just the right dose of grinding guitars. Features the tracks:

closer now
under code

Get it today for just $5.99.
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Behold the likeness of sonic mistress Shacklegrind on a wall near you...

Get your very own Shacklegrind 11” x 17” poster today! Features the cover art from “Shacklegrind I” (for a limited time, you may request a personalized autograph on your poster from Shacklegrind)

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